Europe's Frontier - Bugeac

Aspen Institute Romania, in collaboration with the German Marshall Fund Bucharest Office are organizing on February 20 a debate on “Europe’s Frontier – Bugeac” looking at some of the central issues of the space between East and West. Following a journalistic investigation by Ovidiu Nahoi and his team in a complex region between Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, this debate will focus on challenges this region faces in terms of identity, economy and security.

Main speakers include: Ovidiu Nahoi, Producer, the Money Channel, Romania; Hanna Shelest, Senior Researcher, National Institute for Strategic Studies, Ukraine; Dimitar Bechev, Senior Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics, Bulgaria and Cornel Ciurea, Head of Competitive Society Department, IDIS Viitorul, Republic of Moldova.

Photo of Odessa, administrative centre of Bugeac region by Ovidiu Nahoi.

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